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WE 2015 FAIR 参加
9月23日から25日までイタリアのローマで開催された「WE 2015 FAIR」に韓国では雄一で弊社が参加しました。 24日WORKSHOP・GALA DINNERイベントに参加、25日には欧州及び様々国のバイヤーとの相談を行いました。 ”S19"ブースに新規開発製品3台を展示し、イタリア、スペイン、チェコ、ルーマニア ...... [続きを見る]
Why You Need To Drink More Water
How Water Affects Your Body Water is the foundation of health, beauty, vitality, and youth. Not only does water help to build your blood and transport nutrients, but it is also responsible for maintaining your DNA. And what does your DNA do? Well, it basically helps to print out copies of you. And being dehydrated is like running out of ink. So from now on think of DNA as Dehydration Not Accept ...... [続きを見る]
Drinking Water Can Improve Reaction Times
Quenching your thirst during the hot weather with a glass of water can help make your brain work faster, scientists have found.  The researchers discovered that people who drank a pint of water before conducing mental tasks had reaction times that were 14% faster than those who did not have drink. And, with the current heatwave in mind, the effect was most pronounced among those who ...... [続きを見る]

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